Welcome to the new Luware Helpdesk Portal.

You can now create tickets to get support for all Luware Products and Services from the Helpdesk Portal. We currently only have two choices for product when creating a ticket (Nimbus or "Other"). Over the coming weeks we will be making further usability enhancements and introducing more granular products to choose from.


Can I raise tickets here for all Luware products?Yes! Sign up now to create tickets here for any Luware Product or Service.

Can I use the same login details from support.luware.com?No, you will need to create a new account on this Portal. But it's a lot easier than before, you just need to confirm your email address by clicking the link in the automatic email.

What happens if I have an ongoing ticket in the old system? Should I recreate it here?No, our support teams have already moved any active tickets into this new platform and you can continue to reply and collaborate with our support teams on the same threads.

Can I see all the tickets my colleagues raised?
Yes, you can! If you want us to enable this for your account, just raise a new ticket asking for it to be configured.

Will I see tickets that were submitted previously through the support email? No, we will not migrate legacy tickets that were closed in our old ticket system.

I am a Luware Partner – can I raise tickets on behalf of my customers?
Yes, but this is assigned at a per user level. If you work for one of our partners and can’t see all your customers in the list, just create a ticket to let us know and we will add them for you.

Is there any change to my SLAs?
No, your existing support entitlement has been built in the new system and the response, intervention and escalation times remain unchanged.

Can I still send an email to create a ticket?
No, all new tickets must be submitted via the Luware Helpdesk Portal. Emailing new tickets is great for simplicity but there is important information that we need to make sure your request goes to the right team and is treated with the right priority, that is impossible to extract reliably from an email. Using the Portal for new tickets makes sure we have the correct priorities from the initial contact. Replies will still be email-based as before.

Can I request a change or addition via the Luware Helpdesk Portal?
Yes absolutely, we re-introduce change requests with the new Luware Helpdesk.

What languages will you provide support in?
We provide support in German and English.

Are there any changes to the Support Hotline?
No. You can still call the same numbers you did before, and our support teams are here to help.

Can I still call the Support Hotline in a critical outage?
Absolutely. If you have a critical problem, a call to the Support Hotline in addition to a ticket will ensure we can get started helping you as quickly as possible.