Issue Description

You may experience an issue with the Attendant Console not displaying the correct active status of the user for one or more assigned Nimbus services, or with displaying queued and active calls.


The Attendant Console is a web-based dashboard that will repeatedly query the Nimbus platform for the latest status of the user and any active calls. If this data isn't properly received and updated anymore, you may need to reset the Attendant Console's web session.


Resetting the Attendant Console's web session depends on whether you're accessing it via the Nimbus Personal App within the Teams Desktop Client, or directly from a browser via the Nimbus User Portal. In both cases, the corresponding cache needs to be cleared before restarting the application. The following sections will provide detail on how to do this.

Clearing the Microsoft Teams Desktop Client Cache

  1. Completely sign-out and exit out of Microsoft Teams by right-clicking the Teams tray icon and selecting Quit
  2. Delete the contents of the %appdata%\Microsoft\Teams folder
  3. Restart the Teams client application

Clearing the Browser Cache

The following information is only applicable for Chrome.
If you're using another browser, please refer to the browser's documentation on how to clear its cache.
  1. While viewing the Nimbus User Portal in a browser tab, access the Developer Tools via the Menu, or by pressing Ctrl+Shift+I
    Select More Tools > Developer Tools
  2. Select the Application tab at the top
  3. Expand Local Storage from the left-side menu
  4. Right-click and select Clear
  5. Reload the Nimbus User Portal